Daughters of Yena

The three daughters of Yena Bonebreaker, scourge of the southern deserts


Yataqa: A red haired woman with a chidlishly fierce attitude. She briefly sparred with the party but surrendered and left on neutral terms after her forces were scattered.

Janati: The youngest of the three daughters, Janati is rumored to be the least stable and most dangerous of the three, and has been known to charge into small armies alone.

Ratana: The eldest of the three daughters, Ratana leads the Fireward mercenaries, a group of bandits that prey on the riches of the South.

Yena Bonebreaker: The mother of the daughters three, Yena is one of the oldest Lunars known in Creation. She keeps her own counsel and is rarely seen in human form.


Daughters of Yena

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