Ignis Lampyris

The Incandescent Orphan of Thorns


A circus performer saddled with a giant sloth, a damaged memory, and a colorful dress, Ignis survived the siege of Thorns only to earn her exaltation as a chosen of the sun later, as a member of the Twilight Caste.

A performer by trade, Ignis eternally seeks out new places and information, although she shows little such curiosity when dealing with the realms of death and shadow. Perhaps a forgotten memory from Thorns, Ignis seeks to end the blight of shadowlands in the East.


Ignis Lampyris was born in Thorns, 14 years before the disappearance of the Empress. She’s thinks her parents are dead… and much more than that she doesn’t know.

She escaped the fall of Thorns (again, how, exactly, remains unknown to her), and rode along with a circus for a year. She proved herself very able at animal training and performance, but refused to speak about her time in Thorns, generally responding to questions with “I don’t want to talk about it.” One night, while travelling through the South, she was struck with a dream, and an urge. She left the circus, taking neither food nor water with her, and told her fellow performers she would rejoin them in a year, when they came back by.

Sure enough, after a year and a day, while the circus was encamped again at the same spot, Ignis came wandering out of the desert, wearing lizard skins and considerably more tan than she was going in. She no longer had any recollection of her time in Thorns, claiming she had traded those memories to an Ifrit Lord in exchange for the secrets of sorcery. Her fellow carnies kept a bit of distance from her after that, but the story made for a good selling point during her performances, as did the lizard skins; her horse riding had only improved.

Her existence was a relatively happy one, for a time; she had the cautious respect of her fellows, and made an okay living at the circus. She did quite well for an orphan. While they were travelling through the East, though, her whole life changed. It started as a single noise, which quickly turned into a cacophony; coming out of a forest, a huge half-man, half-beast lumbered out of the forest. Quickly, on his heels, a group of two dozen Dragonblooded pursued laying out charms and firing artifact weapons. Swiftly, they crashed into the caravan, where the half-beast decided to make his stand. He hurled an entire coach at the Terrestrials, who lept out of the way and responded with their own wave of destruction. Ignis began marshalling some of the larger animals to help protect the circus performers. As she was leaping from one to another, the beast-man lept towards her as he was avoiding the attacks of the Terrestrials. Expecting to die a valiant death, she urged the animal to charge the Lunar… And was struck from above by a bolt of light. Seeing the odds now shifted against them, the Wild Hunt beat a swift retreat, and expecting a fight, she turned towards the Lunar, who thought for a moment, smiled, winked, and laughed, sending bells ringing through the air before leaving.

Owing their life to her, the performers of Circa Fotia began to offer her their prayers. Not wanting to attract the wrong kind of attention to them and put her mortal family in danger, Ignis chose to leave them, but not before quickly and exquisitely capturing & training several more beasts, as well as leaving a fire elemental in their service. She still contacts them frequently, giving them trained animals and elementals as needed, and they still offer her worship.


Destroy All Shadowlands (4)
Hatred towards Voice of Discord (3)
Friendship and loyalty towards Joyous (3)
Love for Fogo (3)
Love for Fire (3)
Familial Love for Circa Fotia (3)
Friendship and loyalty towards Ra’d Nur (3)
Friendship and loyalty towards Ardent Bulwark (3)
Friendship and loyalty towards Lyra (3)
Possessive protectiveness towards Noble Jade Osu (3)
Loyalty and ambition towards Lookshy (1)
Respect and friendship towards Noble Jade Osu (1)
Favor towards Ogon (1)
Empathy towards Orphans (1)
Macabre Interest in the assassinations of Heaven’s Second Smile (1)

Kal Shem +3
Mannus Grey +1
Agrona +3
Mask of Winters -3
The Seven-Degreed Physician -3
Red Iron Rebuke -3
House Osu +3
Lookshy +3

Limit Trigger: Insatiable curiosity – Always seeking new knowledge—especially knowledge thought lost or forgotten, the more arcane or occult the better—Ignis gains limit whenever she must pass up an opportunity to pry into the mysteries of creation.


Regular: 60
Solar: 45

Ignis Lampyris

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