Mnemon Kainen

The self-styled inquisitor


Although the circle has not met Kainen personally, his reputation has proven to be a hassle. A self-styled inquisitor who hunts heresy within the ranks of the dragon-blooded, Kainen kidnapped Shae for a short while and presents a substantial threat to the soldiers of the Realm who have provided limited assistance to the circle so far.

After the circle’s brief assault on Jiara, Kainen has taken a more defensive posture. Politically informed contacts and allies have suggested that he is simultaneously limited by paranoia that the circle will assault him while also being emboldened by the alarm a hostile solar circle has caused in Jiara.

Although the circle is not aware of who Kainen works for, they believe that his loyalty is split between House Mnemon and some other influence.

Kainen’s activities were arguably unknown to the political powers in House Mnemon, but the circle is not aware as to whether that was due to Kainen’s deceit or a polite agreement to ignore his activities.


Mnemon Kainen

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