Ra'd Nur

The Outcast Master Thief


Quiet and reserved, Ra’d Nur could easily pass as a stoic sellsword, with dark dress and piercing eyes. His appearance hides a terrifyingly competent thief and assassin, capable of plucking secrets or ending lives in a moment.

An abandoned spy of House Cynis labelled as dispossessed for his failures, Ra’d has suffered many mistakes of his own making. Given a second chance as an exalt of the Night caste, Ra’d now seeks to tear down his former masters and end their ring of slavery.

Charm Name Cost Type Keywords Duration Description
Precision of the Striking Raptor 1m Supplemental Withering-only Instant All attacks are calculated from close range. If thrown from close range, lower defense by 1. Charm does not allow the exalt to strike a target beyond the range of her weaponry.
Triple Distance Attack 1m Supplemental Uniform Instant Weapon ranges are extended to long range.
Cascade of Cutting Terror 5m, 1wp Reflexive Decisive-only Instant Full excellency thrown attack, can only be blocked. if successful, deal double damage to all objects and insignificant opponents, can be cast on first turn if exalt wins join battle and does not need to aim from medium or long range, can be reset by stunting a missile recovery
Joint Wounding Attack 3m Supplemental Crippling, Decisive-only, Stackable Instant -3 to dicepools for the rest of the scene
Perfect Shadow Stillness 1m, 1wp Reflexive None Instant Allows a reroll of any stealth based action, keeping 10s from previous results, awards one point of temporary WP at stealth 5
Invisible Statue Spirit 5m Reflexive Mute Indefinite Go invisible with complete stillness. Can still be smelt, and felt.
Guardian Fog Approach 3m Simple Mute Instant Help someone else stealth, add half own successes, rounded up
Invisible Statue Spirit 5m Reflexive Mute Indefinite Go invisible with complete stillness. Can still be smelt, and felt.
Blinding Battle Feint 3m Supplemental None Instant May use Dex + Stealth to Join Battle, also acts as stealth check. If enemy uses join battle rolled by anything other than awareness, must make a separate awareness check suffering a penalty equal to the difference in their initiative, even if he rolled higher.
Shadow Victor’s Repose 3m, 1wp Simple Mute Instant Once per scene, while concealed during combat, exalt may roll join battle and add her result to her current initiative as long as she has landed at least one decisive attack.
Flash eyed killer insight 2m Reflexive None Instant Upon incapacitating an opponent, shadow victor’s repose is refreshed.
Mind Shrowd Meditation - Permanent None Permanent Shadow Victor’s Repose Grants [Essence] Rounds of Ambush Ability.
Hidden Snake Recoil 1wp, or 2i Reflexive None Instant Upong incapacitating a target, the solar may reflexively attempt concealment by rolling (Dex + Stealth), adding (Essence) automatic successes. This charm contributes four motes total to the cost of any stealth charms the solar uses to aid in this attempt.
Stalking Wolf Attitude 5m Simple Mute Indefinite Ignores -3 penalty to stealth movement while concealed. Each successful stealth round gains an amount of initiative equal to her extra successes on the roll. May make a decisive attack as long as character was kept hidden. Gains a -1 mounting penalty to her stealth rolls for each round hero is under effect of charm.
Watchman’s Infallible Eye - Reflexive None Instant Automatically tells player when to case scene or profile character
Seasoned Criminal Method - Permanent None Permanent Allows player to feign familiarity, dissonance, vulnerability, or receptivity to criminal or official types.
Crafty Observation Method 5m Simple Mute Instant Normal Case Study, except gains automatic essence successes, done in seconds, and double 9s
Judge’s Ear Technique 3m Reflexive None Instant You can’t lie! Any magic which contests this effect, goes to a roll-off against the Lawgiver’s (Perception + Investigation), with (Essence) automatic successes on the
Solar’s roll, and 1s in the opposed roll acting as 10s to the Solar’s result.
Spurious Presence 6m Reflexive None One Scene Makes it nearly impossible to question the exalt’s presence as long as they are dressed and behaving properly. +2 guile to any attempts to peer thru charm.
Preying on Uncertainty Approach 3m Reflexive None Instant When caught somewhere she doesn’t belong, can use charm to immediately become aware of a gap in her inquisitor’s knowledge she can exploit.
Reed in the Wind 2i per 1 evasion Reflexive Perilous Instant Player may raise evasion by one for every 2i.
Ox Body Technique - Permanent Stackable Permanent At Stamina 1 and 2: One -1 and one -2 health level.
3 and 4: One -1 and two -2 health levels.
5: One -0, one -1, and one -2 health level.
The Solar may purchase Ox-Body Technique (Resistance)
times. If she increases her Stamina after purchasing
Ox-Body Technique, her health levels automatically change
to reflect the new rating.
Sensory Acuity Prana 5m Reflexive None One Scene Double 9s for awareness rolls, any unsurpassed sense disciplines come with rerolled sixes until there are no more.
Surprise Anticipation Method - Reflexive None Instant Gains 1 essence 9s on awareness rolls, 2 for 10, to be used for awareness charms. solar can identify threats while asleep or incapacitated.
Keen Sight Technique 3m, or 6m, 1 wp Simple None One Scene May perform difficulty 2 or 3 sight bases actions without a roll, gain additional two dice to notice hidden persons or devices, catch sleight of hand, and see thru disguises. Reduce difficult and remove penalty by 1,-1 for poor visibility conditions. Can increase vision to see tiny details at 100 yards.
Keen Hearing and Touch Technique 3m, or 6m, 1wp Simple None One Scene Difficulty 2 successes without rolls, lowers difficult of other applicable actions.
Awakening Eye 5m, 1wp Supplemental None Instant Full excellency join battle roll, cascading tens, furthermore detect stuff add this later
Anima Effect 1 2m ? ? Instant For two motes, the Night can dampen her anima, treating all Peripheral Essence expenditures as if they were Personal for one instant.
Anima Effect 2 3m ? ? Instant For three motes, the Night can ignore up to (higher of 3 or Essence) penalties to a Stealth attempt for one instant. These motes are always considered Personal, regardless of the pool they’re spent from.
Anima Effect 3 - - - - When the Night’s anima is at the bonfire/iconic level, it wraps around and suffuses her form, hiding her figure and masking her visage in flame. She is merely a fearsome silhouette shrouded in all the hues of evening. It becomes impossible to discern her identity. This is considered a perfect effect, and cannot be pierced by Eye of the Unconquered Sun (see p. 273) or other all-seeing magic

Power Thirsty (4) – Defining – Exalt is well aware of the fate of the weak and seeks to gain power at almost any cost.

Trust Doesn’t Come Cheap (3) – Major – Fated to a miserable life for being born in the wrong place, the exalt seeks to undermine castes and forment rebellion wherever he goes

Hates Caste System (3) – Major – Change doesn’t come easy. This exalt doesn’t concern himself with incidental suffering as long as the goal is justified.

Crush on Joyous (3) – Major – This exalt has a crush on Joyous

House Cynis Must Fall (3) – Major – Hates that house

The Ends Justify The Means (3) – Major – Change doesn’t come easy. This exalt doesn’t concern himself with incidental suffering as long as the goal is justified.

Antagonism towards Deathlords (3) – Major – Deathlords always seem to try to kill me, or destroy life, or murder everything

Sympathy for Lower Castes (1) – Minor – This exalt will attempt to help the less unfortunate in his travels as long as it doesn’t interfere with his mission.

Get to the Point (1) – Minor – Annoyed when people beat around the bush

Respects Shae (1) – Minor – Respects the ability of Shae to see beyond blind observance to duty.

Desire to Protect Lookshy (1) – Minor – Lookshy has proved to be a valuable new home for the wayward exalted, and he’d probably like to keep it that way

Dislikes Fate (1) – Minor – The vagaries of fate and gods are some ol bullshit. A real solar makes their own destiny.

Ra'd Nur

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