Exalted 3E

How to Get Away With Murder

Publicly available information and “facts” for the party to remember:

*TSB’s Guild bodyguards didn’t see him leave his apartment
*TSB’s body was found in a run down house in one of the worse neighborhoods of Lookshy.
*TSB was brutalized by a blood ape at the murder scene
*TSB was also struck with an almost imperceptible sharp blow to the side of his back, which may have very well been the fatal strike. No normal physician would have detected this wound.
*Lookshy forces responded to complaints of noise and found the rampaging Blood Ape and killed it.
*Documents found in TSB’s study suggest that he was selling important military secrets, spying for the Realm against Lookshy
*TSB has a substantial collection of personal notes, many written in a difficult to decipher code, detailing his thoughts and opinions on many political players in Lookshy
*TSB was killed during the “Festival of the True Realm,” a week long celebration of Lookshy’s history and continued independence
*TSB was seen meeting with two previously unremarkable political players, a noblewoman named Narra Arai and a scarred dragonblooded soldier named Rakkan Marsalle.
*TSB was staying with House Marsalle in an apartment provided by Lookshy. Despite his bad attitude, he was generally considered an honored guest.
*House Marsalle is a constant underdog in Lookshy, a stabilizing force that is usually second-strongest in any affair. They have an unclear history and have sought to compensate with unrelenting devout patriotism.
*Kal Shem has no leads, but has counseled the circle on various political ramifications of their ongoing investigation.
*Tepet Arjen has no leads, but has been noticeably nervous and believes that someone is cracking down on any Realm-friendly forces in Lookshy.


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