House Rules

These rules exist in order to clarify, augment, or change the core rules of the 3E source book. They have been paraphrased partially or completely from the e-mail sent out July 2nd.

Health Levels: All exalts gain 1+ (Stamina /2) Negative Zero Health Levels


  • Solars gain one point of limit for acting against a major intimacy
  • Solars gain one point of limit for acting inconsistently with a Defining Intimacy
  • Solars gain two points of limit for acting against a Defining Intimacy
  • Solars gain a point of Limit when dealing with their Limit Trigger

Decisive Attacks : Decisive attacks will now reset your initiative to (3 + Essence) instead of simply 3.

Activating Charms Reflexively via raising Anima Banners :
Solars may reflexively activate a simple, scene duration charm when they raise their Anima.

However, the charm cannot cost more than (5 x Current Anima Banner), that value cannot increase more than (5 x Round), and you may only activate (Level of Anima Banner) charms in this fashion.


When a character spends five or more motes of peripheral essence in an instant, her anima ignites and intensifies by one level for every five peripheral motes spent.

Anima Levels:

Dim: Normal

Glowing: Stealth or Disguise attempts suffer a -3 penalty

Burning: Stealth Becomes Impossible

Bonfire Iconic: All shadows around Short Range of the exalted are banished

House Rules

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