Open Questions and Suspicions

7/12/16 Session

  1. Is Grandmother Bright working with Voice of Discord, or at least aware of VoD’s activities and tacitly condoning them?

5/17/16 Session

Questions for Voice of Discord:

  1. What were DES’ future plans?
  1. What is controlling the red water and the vines?
  1. What was your role in the circle?
  1. What is the deal with Akesha?
  1. Who is the Red Lady who was helping DES with Hantha?
  1. What is the giant heart in the laboratory, and what is being distilled from it?

4/27/16 Session

  1. Can we use Arjen to influence the Boar of Ledaal to be more flexible on the “murdering Anathema” strictures of the Immaculate faith? If so, how?
  1. What is Lillia Kae’s agenda? We still don’t know if she is an Immaculate.
    She works for House Mnemon. She’s here to gather assets, whether they are captured anathem or what.
  1. Who is Varic, and why is he with us?
  1. Is Akesha a member of Dead Eye Shining’s circle, and if so, is she here in Rathess? Additionally, why did she point us in the direction of Shae’s Wild Hunt? Does she want us to kill Dead Eye Shining, or was she luring us into a trap, hoping to kill us and the Wild Hunters at the same time?
  1. Why does Dead Eye Shining still want Noble Jade Osu alive?

Conjecture: he wants to see how she survived the plague

Conjecture: When the circle met Noble Jade Osu, she was in a manic state studying for a cure, in a way that was out of character with the Exalt they have come to know. Maybe she was magically compelled to a certain task?

Unlikely conjecture: Jade is a sleeper spy.

Sessions Through 4/19/16

  1. What was Lilia Kae doing with Four Obol Fen? Is she even an immaculate? It seems unlikely given her dress…
  1. What is the name and nature of the disease god inhabiting Rathess?
  • Han-tha. He’s a devourer of corpses. The violent nature of modern Rathess leaves him powerful, but someone was still able to cow him and force him to neuter himself for what seems to be Dead Eye Shining’s benefit.
  1. What is “older than a god” that could command Han-Tha?
  • Conjecture: the Gods are free from the commands of the Yozis. So only a free primordial could order a god in such a way. The free primordials are Gaea, Autocthon and the slain primordials of the mythical first age. Autocthon hasn’t been seen, heard or communicated with since days of myth, and it doesn’t seem much like Gaea, although she may have a self-loathing aspect.
  • Conjecture: it is connected to the slain primordials.
  • Conjecture: There is another Primordial roaming free that we don’t know about.
  • Conjecture: It is an ancient or forbidden God, or some other agent of Heaven.
  1. Why isn’t there a page for Joyous Disposition’s Other Other Other Other best friend, Rising Serpent?
  1. What was Amara Esket’s primary circle of study, and why?
    I mean yeah, it was probably epidemiology, but you know…
  1. Why did Seranata stay, and not get reinforcements or extract from Rathess? Was she really that ill equipped to convince Jhara?
  • It seems so.
  1. What is in Rathess that could possibly wipe out a circle of lunars, leaving just one, weaker Lunar to escape? How did that go down?
  1. Why are the Lizard Kings so stupid now?
  1. What’s the deal with the red water? (Is it related to the Dragon Kings being dumb?)
  • The red water supercharges essence. It causes whatever drinks it to become much more powerful, but at a long-term cost. Unawakened mortals who drink it seem to turn into withered husks, exalts are believed to be driven to extremes of personality by it. It seems to be coming from the laboratory.
  1. How powerful is a dragon king, and what is the nature of their magic?

We know they possess a magic that toughens their skin to repeated blows in a short period of time, which makes them very difficult to overcome with numbers.

  1. Why is Shae Suyek so convinced that there’s nothing of value in Rathess?
  • Conjecture: She’s not, she just doesn’t want what’s in there getting out. Alternatively, she believes that the artifacts of the Chosen of the Sun really are cursed, and will bring misery to those that remove them.
  1. Shae’s approach to this project seems underwhelming for an agent of heaven… why is she on this mission largely alone but for a few immaculates?
    What’s her backup plan?
    What’s Heaven’s backup plan?
  • If she is to be believed, Shae is the more or less the only agent of heaven taking this mission and threat seriously.
  • Conjecture- she is here to lead the immaculates to their death, and the resulting tragedy [or unlikely victory] of the Boar’s loss in striking at a source of a great disease might help galvanize the Realm… without weakening it too tremendously. Note that aside from the Boar she has brough Roseblack Lite- a loss to be sure, but unlikely to meaningfully diminish Tepet if lost
  • Conjecture: The loss of Roseblack Lite would also likely solidify the Roseblack’s position in leadership in House Tepet.
  1. What’s her plan for the Circle?
  • Low priority, but death.
  1. What is the significance of the knife left in Dead Eye Shining’s tomb? Why was it taken from the north in the first place only to be left behind later? What is the magic of the knife?
  • According to Tepet Annka, the knife belonged to Cynis Hennan, Mar Ven’s master back when he was a mortal. Mar Ven had great respect for Hennan, so it is likely a valued treasure of his.
  1. Who does Dead Eye Shining work for? It seems very unlikely to be the Mask of Winters- Mask of Winters has access to Puppeteer’s disease, so one of his flunkies wouldn’t need to be researching it.
  1. What’s the deal with his “Eating everything”?
  • It’s a charm or power derived under some primordial authority from Han-Tha, Rathess’s eater of the dead.
  1. Why is Corn Lord such a great song?

(It’s simple, easy, and it’s got a folksy I-IV-V pattern that can’t be beat!)

  1. Is instilling an intimacy via punching your enemy morally wrong?

No: You aren’t doing any damage to their brain, you are just making a very convincing argument with your fist.

Instilling an intimacy still allows the NPC to make their own decisions about that intimacy, unlike witch tonguing someone who just does what you ask because.

It’s not witch fisting.

Open Questions and Suspicions

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