Four-armed goddess of spiteful creation


A four-armed goddess with the ability to craft things out of spite (which is to say that she both crafts things in order to get back at other people, and that she takes spiteful anger and forms it into physical objects). The clandestine Wild Hunt wants to get some spirit-slaying arrows from her (100 is what Thousand Star Bargain requested) in order to accomplish their mission. She has so far refused to provide them, she claims because Thousand Star Bargain is an asshole.

Ignis Lampyris revealed to her cast mark to Agrona.

Agrona is now in possession of a peculiar Wyld artifact which, based on best guesses so far, appears to be the grudge(s) of Joyous Disposition.

After long deliberation, Joyous agreed to give Agrona her peculiar artifact. Agrona suggested that she would have difficulty crafting anything for Joyous Disposition due to her particular limitations. Regardless, Agrona agreed to experiment with the material and discuss her findings with the party.

Agrona informed Joyous that she needed to find a passion in something she was previously passionless about in order to practice her craft on the goblet. In addition, we must find some way to pay her.

Agrona also put the party in touch with an Exigent of Heaven’s Second Smile, who the party has elected to imitate, in order to find out what Smile knows about the Death Lords.


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