Boar of Ledaal

The Honor Bound Brute


A short man with a massive frame, stocky, muscular arms, and a clean bald head, the Boar of Ledaal is almost as much of a myth as he is a man. An experienced veteran of countless wars, the Boar has been a loyal member of the Immaculate faith for decades. The Boar is known for his incredible stubbornness, his incredible fighting skill, and his unusually kind attitude. Although gentle with his followers and subjects, the Boar is no stranger to bloodshed, and has completed several Wyld Hunts in his lifetime.

The Boar seems to have a particular soft spot for sweets.


One of the clandestine Wild Hunt members we’re hunting in Great Forks, we found The Boar fighting in an exhibition tournament, using a mask that concealed his identity. He was on a roll, cleaning up until Ardent Bulwark stepped in to put an end to his winning streak. During good-natured post-fight drinking, Shae was seen talking to both, and put the witch-tongue on Ardent in order to get him to leave.

The Boar is known to be something of an unyielding religious fanatic, and while he likes the ladies of the party so far, will almost certainly turn on the group in an extreme way upon discovering they are anathema.

Tepet Arjen has claimed that the only reason he is with Shae’s group is because he is in a romantic relationship with the Boar of Ledaal, and that the Boar feels he has “sacrificed enough” for the Immaculate faith.

Despite seeming like a reasonable and practical man, it seems the Boar’s prejudice against Anathema runs deeper than his affection for the immaculate faith. He refused, out of principle, to be bound by Joyous Disposition’s sealing oath to not attack one another until one day after the death of Dead Eye Shining.

Boar of Ledaal

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