Tepet Annka

Tepet's Shadow


Tall, strong, and scarred, Tepet Annka is a fearsome warrior carrying two razor-sharp Daiklaives into battle. Her upfront demeanor and fiery red hair have earned her an awkward reputation as the second most dangerous red-headed solder in Tepet, and the comparisons made to Tepet Ejava are both compliment and insult.


Annka knew Cynis Hennan before he went to the North, and was instrumental in determining the true identity of Dead Eye Shining.

Annka led the defense of the Northeast of Rathess against the forces of Mighty Jaw, and acquitted herself fantastically, with ragtag, untrained troops unused to ready discipline against a much larger, more powerful force- demonstrating just how deeply the reputation of Tepet as the backbone of the realm is deserved.

Tepet Annka

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