Grappling Cheat Sheet

To engage in a grapple:

1) Spend 3 initiative.
2) Make a decisive attack (Dexterity + [Brawl or Martial Arts], no weapon accuracy) against your target’s defense
3) Roll initiative against a difficulty of 2.
4) Make a control roll: an opposed (Strength + [Brawl or Martial Arts]) roll. If you lose or tie, the target escapes the grapple during their next turn. If you win, count extra successes, and immediately take a grapple action.

The number of extra successes indicates how many turns the initiator will be in control.

Combat penalties:

Controller: -2 to all defenses, cannot perform flurries
Victim: -2 to all defenses, cannot perform flurries, -1 penalty to all attacks, -3 if using a two-handed weapon

Each time the controller is attacked and/or damaged they lose one round of control (i.e. a damaging attack against the controller makes them lose 2 rounds of control).

Grapple actions:

Each turn (including the turn the grapple begins), the controller may choose one of three actions:

1) Savage: the controller makes an attack against defense 0. Withering attacks are rolled to count extra successes, decisive attacks go straight to damage and reset to base as normal.

2) Restrain/Drag: the controller immobilizes the victim, and prevents them from taking any action on their turn. The controller may take a movement action and drag the victim with them. This uses up two turns of control.

3) Throw/Slam: the controller ends the clinch prematurely. This is the same as a savage, except adds two dice per turn forfeited if it’s a withering attack, and 1 dice per turn forfeited if it’s a decisive attack (up to strength turns for either). The victim is left prone. Decisive Throws/Slams generally deal bashing damage, unless the surface is especially dangerous.

Grappling Cheat Sheet

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